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Simply scroll down to browse through The Beauty Room's wide range of holistic, remedial and sports massage treatments...

Hot Stones Massage

Back, Head, Neck & Shoulders Hot Stones Massage: £60
includes scalp, face & neck massage

(1 hour)

Full Body Hot Stones Massage: £70 

includes foot cleanse, scalp, face & neck massage       (1 hr & 20 mins)                       

Stone massage therapy has been used in many cultures for thousands of years.  Ancient healers used rocks from the river beds and warmed them either in hot coals or hot water.  Placing the hot stones on cloth on the body and arranging them along the energy centres of the body would help to relax the muscles and reduce pain or discomfort, boosting the healing process.
Massage is often combined with Stone Therapy to offer a deeper and more intense treatment due to the heat penetrating through the body and relaxing the muscles.  Warm stones expand the blood vessels, helping the blood to move faster around the body whilst sedating the nervous system.  In certain cases cold stones can also be used to help muscular injury and inflammation.  The application of cold stones stimulates the nervous system by causing the blood vessels to contract and increasing the lymph flow of waste materials round the body.

Deep Tissue & Sports Massage

Pre - Chiropractic Massage  

Area specific £30 (prices may vary)
This is Condition specific massage prior to Chiropractic treatment (generally 10 – 15 mins)
For Chiropractic Appointments call 01803 316111


Tension Buster Deep Tissue Back,

neck & head massage: £60
deep tissue massage for the back, shoulders and neck, focusing on tight/knotted areas relating to stress or sports related injuries
(1 hour)

Full Body Tension Buster Massage

Treatment: £70

using advanced technique and specialised equipment, this deep tissue massage focuses on specific injuries and muscular concerns for the whole body (1 hour & 20 mins) 

Tension Buster Deep Tissue

Legs & feet massage: £60
deep tissue massage for the full legs and feet, focusing on tight/knotted areas to relieve muscular spasms from repetitive strain or sports related injuries 
(1 hour)  


Deep Tissue Massage and Sports Massage are types of massage therapy that focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. It is especially helpful for chronically tense and contracted areas such as stiff necks, low back tightness, and sore a shoulders.
Some of the same strokes are used as classic massage therapy but the movement is slower and the pressure is deeper and concentrated on areas of tension and pain. Massage therapists may also use fingertips, knuckles, hands, elbows, and forearms during a deep tissue massage or sports massage. Although beneficial unlike Holistic or Swedish massage it is not used for relaxation.

Himalayan Mineral Salt Crystal Massage


Himalayan Mineral Salt Crystal Foot Bath: £30

Includes invigorating mineral salt crystal bath with foot scrub followed by relaxing foot massage with a choice of soothing organic oils (20 – 30 mins)

Include a full Spa Pedicure with

CND Shellac Polish: £40

(60 - 90 mins)


Himalayan Mineral Back, Head & Neck

Massage: £60

Includes back, head, neck and shoulder deep tissue massage (1hr)


Himalayan Mineral Full Body Treatment: £70

Includes back, head, neck, shoulders, arms and hands, legs and foot massage with Himalayan Mineral Salt Crystal Foot Bath (1hr & 20 mins)


Choose from two Neals Yard organic essential oil blends

  • Soothe & Relax Lavender, Chamomile & Jojoba

  • Detox & Revive Geranium, Juniper & Grapefruit


The Beauty Room Himalayan Mineral Massage treatment is a unique treatment to the UK.  Salt crystals from an ancient primal sea beneath the Himalayan Mountains are hand-carved into massage stones that gently soothe away an accumulation of stress, tension and pollutants and bring the mind, body and spirit, into balance. The treatment is a blend between Stone massage, Energy work, Neuromuscular techniques and Marma massage. The philosophy behind the treatment is using the benefits of mineral-rich Himalayan Salt in the form of eggs which are gently warmed and deliver a natural ionisation.  This provides a unique massage tool which not only releases tension from the muscles but also helps cleanse the electromagnetic field surrounding your body. Himalayan salt also detoxifies, gently exfoliates and re-mineralises the skin during the treatment with over 80 essential minerals.  The salt stones feel comfortable at milder temperatures then regular stone treatments making this a beautiful treatment to receive whilst also clearing the mind body and soul of negative energies!

Holistic Aromatherapy Massage

Back, Head, Neck & Shoulders massage: £60

includes scalp, face and neck massage

(1 hour)

Full Body Holistic massage: £70

includes foot cleanse, scalp, face & neck massage    (1 hour & 20 min)


Ultimate Stress Relieving massage: £65
includes back, head & neck, hands & feet massage
(1 hour & 10 mins )

On - the - Go & So Relaxing massage: £55
includes foot cleanse, hand & arm, feet & lower leg massage
(30 - 40 mins)


Restorative massage for the body, this massage helps taut muscles learn to relax and this, combined with strokes to aid lymphatic drainage, helps to release toxins.  The benefits can be felt by all ages, backgrounds and lifestyles.  Stiffness and soreness in muscles can be due to a wide range of physical factors from an overly energetic session in the gym or carrying too much shopping home, to poor posture through being seated at a desk all day or excessive time behind the steering wheel.  
The causes are not always physical however, emotional tension and the day to day stresses that life throws at us can manifest in headaches caused by a stiff neck and shoulders and the body generally tensing up in response to stress, especially if there is not the opportunity to release

Pre and Post Natal Massage Treatments 

Beautifully Relaxing & Tension Relieving

Pre/Post Natal Treatment: £60 

includes back, face & scalp, neck and shoulder massage


Top-to-Toe Pre/Post Natal

Massage Treatment: £70

includes a totally indulgent full body massage with a pampering foot cleanse (1 hour & 20 mins)


Mum-to-be Pampering Treat: £100

includes skin specific facial and back, head, neck and shoulder massage (1 hr & 30 mins)


Pix and Mix Yummy Mummy

Pregnancy Package: £170

4 treatments of your choice

pick and choose from

Pampering Pedicure, TBR Eyebrow Treatment with eyelash tint, Skin Specific Facial, Pre or Post Natal Back, Head, Neck & Shoulder massage treatment to be taken during and/or after pregnancy to help you feel completely revived and relaxed.  (treatment times will vary)


The Beauty Room is specially trained in pregnancy massage to ensure your aches and pains are effectivley eased, whether that's sciatic nerve pan or circulation problems, general stress or tiredness.  (If you are considering booking this treatment, we do suggest you are more than 12 weeks pregnant.)  On arrival you will guided through your relaxing exprerience leaving you feeling truly radiant during this special time.  The Beauty Room offers several packages for mum-to-be fabulous for just before baby arrives or a new mummy...  such as ultra relaxing pedicures,  massages and skin specific facials...

Reiki Healing

Reiki Massage Treatment: £60

30 minute back & neck massage combined with 30 minutes of Reiki & crystal energy healing for total relaxation and a renewed sense of self

Full Body Reiki & Crystal Treatment: £70

A full body Reiki energy and crystal treatment for healing of the mind body and soul


Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered with hands and crystals channelling life force energy that flows through us

​Bride and Groom Pampering Package

Pampering Wedding Package

for the Bride and Groom: £325


...For the Bride

Ultimate Stress Relieving Massage Treatment

Pure organic luxury relaxing and rejuvenating Skin Specific Facial Treatment using Neals Yard Organic products 

Luxury Shellac CND Pedicure 

Xen-Tan Spray Tan Treatment (recommended 2 days before) 


...For the Groom

Tension Buster Massage Treatment

Mens Luxury NYRO manicure or pedicure 

Mens Rejuvenation Facial Treatment

Xen-Tan Spray Tan Treatment (recommended 2 days before)



Beautifully presented Gift Vouchers

            are available upon request!..                   

...A very special gift for that special someone!


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